Rules and Regulations

2018 Rules, Regulations and Entry Forms
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The following rules apply to all I LOVE DANCE Competitions...

You may enter using our convenient online registration - after reading BOTH the Rules and Entry Form information before entering online to assure your routines (Age, Ability Level and Dance Category) will be correct in our program.

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  • Official Entry Form

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    You may enter using our convenient online registration: Please read BOTH the Rules and Entry Form information before entering online, to assure your routines (Age, Ability Level and Dance Category) will be correct in our program.

    You may also fill out physical entry forms (TWO-SIDED). Please have one entry form per routine. Photocopy forms (front and back on one piece of paper) and please PRINT when completing these forms. List the name(s) of Participants on the back with the signature of the Parent or Guardian next to the Dancer's name for all Dancers under age 18. Those 18 and up must sign their own. We ask that you mail all entries together in one large envelope so that we know we have all entries coming from your Studio. (Cashier's Check or Money Order only - we cannot accept business, personal or certified checks for entry fees.)

    Fees must be sent in U.S. Funds and sent overnight mail with return receipt to assure you that we have received them. Entries must reach our office 30 days prior to event date to avoid a late fee. Enter as early as possible — many cities fill up quickly. Once entries have reached our office by mail, online registration, or by phone, all fees are due and payable (whether or not you participate). No refunds will be made due to cancellation by Participants, Teachers, Parents, or Studio Staff.
  • Dance Categories

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    The following rules apply to step ingredients. If you have any questions, please ask us! Routines that are entered in the wrong Category are subject to a deduction of 25 points in that number’s final score. Again, PLEASE KNOW THESE RULES. It is the Teacher's responsibility to enter correctly. With the exception of Teacher Features, we do not allow any Dance Teacher on the dance floor during any performance. Teachers may assist the little ones (3-5 Age Division only) backstage, but may not “prompt” any of their Dancers during performances. Teachers may “warm up” Dancers in the dressing areas, however, there is no rehearsing at the Hotel.
  • General Categories

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    Routines that are Ballet, Lyrical or Modern - Classical or Contemporary. Flat slippers or Pointe. Props are permitted. Lifts are permitted as well as floor work and “tumbling-type” moves will be allowed. NOTE: No vocalization of any kind. Lyrical routines with Acrobatics (Handsprings, Aerials, Acro passes) enter Variety Arts/Acro.

    All Jazz Styles - from “Show Jazz” to Hip-Hop. We will allow “tumbling-type” moves such as Cartwheels, Somersaults, Handstands, Walkovers, along with Jazz floor work and Lifts that may have a “head over heels” coming in or out of the Lift. Routines with Back or Front Handsprings, Aerials, Acro passes and Contortionist work enter Variety Arts/Acro. Props are permitted. No vocalization of any kind.

    Any routine in which Tap shoes are worn OR any routine (with any type of footwear) that is “Song & Dance.” This is the only Category that may include: Vocalizing, Mime, Singing, Mouthing of Words and Lip Sync. This Category may also include: Props, “tumbling- type” moves - but the routine must either be a Tap routine and/or a routine that includes Vocalization. Clogging routines enter Variety Arts/ Acro/Ethnic.

    This is the Category for ANY dance routines with Acrobatic Tricks or Contortionist work. All Ethnic performances including but not limited to National Folkloric Cultural routines (for example: Armenian, Irish, Mexican, Spanish, Chinese, etc.). Props are permitted. No vocalization of any kind.
  • Speciality Categories

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    Age divisions: “9-11”, “12-14”, “15-17” and “18 & Up” are the only divisions eligible. This must be “Student Choreography” with no Teacher assistance allowed. We must trust the honesty of all entries in this Category. There can be no repetition of musical selections from other routines entered from your Studio and no repetition of major dance combinations. Any dance style is permitted. You may perform a Solo, Duo/Trio, or Group number. Enter by the oldest performer in the number.

    This is an Open Category for Student Dancers (NOT TEACHERS) where at least one Dancer in the routine is over 39 years of age. This Category includes all ability levels and dance styles. Performances include Solos, Duo/Trios and Groups.

    All Ages, Categories, Ability Levels and Sections are eligible to enter. The Judges will critique the costume while you are posing. They look at the construction, uniqueness, stage appeal and appropriateness of the costume(s). You then perform the number (repeated for this Category). This is an additional chance to perform, and is especially economical for Duo/ Trio and Group performances. This is the only Category in which costumes are judged.

    A chance for the Teacher to perform! As in other Special Categories, anything goes and Teachers may perform Solo, or as part of a Duo/ Trio or Group, with Students of any age, or with other Teachers. This is the only performance Category in which Dance Teachers may dance
  • Production Numbers

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    Routines may be up to 7 minutes in length. (Extended time option available.) Minimum of 12 participants. (This does not mean that all Dancers must be on the dance floor at all times, but it does need to be a “group effort”.) This is a completely Open Category. There are no Age or Ability Levels, so that Dancers of all ages and abilities may participate together (NO Teachers.) May be Ballet/Lyrical/Modern, Jazz/Hip-Hop, Tap/ Musical Theatre, and Variety Arts/Acro/Ethnic - or better yet, a combination. May include Props, Costume changes, Singing. ANYTHING GOES! Teachers may want to consider using their Dance Studio recital finale number or staging a number that will get all students from the studio involved. This is an excellent Category to show off any performing group. This is your chance to develop a dance routine into a full scale Production Number. Strive to make your entry a “Spectacular.”
  • New Props Rules

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    NEW PROPS RULES – Props are allowed in ALL Categories. A Prop is anything not worn on the body as part of the costume such as a hand- held hat, a cane, a chair, or any piece of costume that is removed during the routine. Props must come on with the performance, and not require extensive setup. No equipment or Props that require electricity, or that we consider hazardous (fire, smoke or fog devices, knives, throwing of confetti or glitter, etc.) nor Live Props of any kind is allowed. The dance floor area must be in the same condition after your performances as before.
  • Tumbling/Lifts/Arco

    Open or Close
    Tumbling-type moves are allowed in every Category and include Cartwheels, Somersaults, Handstands, Walkovers, along with floor work and Lifts that may have a “head over heels” coming in or out of the Lift. We define “Acro” as Handsprings, Aerials, Acro passes and Contortionist work. Routines with these moves must enter the Variety Arts/Acro Category.
  • Vocalization

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    Must be entered in the Tap/Musical Theatre Category only. Vocalization is any Singing, Shouting, Counting, Talking, and/ or Lip Sync. Enforced immediately following your numbers’ introduction, and until your Dancers are completely off-stage. (Omit all entrance and/or exit verbal commands.)
  • Ages

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    The age of the Participant is based on the event date. Each Duo/Trio and Group entry is entered by the age of the oldest Participant in that number. DO NOT AVERAGE.
  • Ability Levels

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    The Ability Level is based on the event date. A Dancer's level in Solos must be entered with consistent abilities in Ballet/ Lyrical/Modern, Jazz/Hip-Hop, Tap/Musical Theatre, and Variety Arts/Acro/Ethnic (whichever is HIGHEST). Each Duo/Trio and Group's Ability Level is that of the Participant with the highest Ability Level in that number. DO NOT AVERAGE.
  • Music

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    All music needs to be on a good-quality CD. Only one song per CD. Your CD will need to have your performance number on the CD or CD case or sleeve. Please do not have any other labels or numbers written on your CD or cases. Please affix your music label to the CD case or sleeve rather than on the CD itself. Please make sure your music is cued-up at the beginning of Track 1 to start immediately. Teachers and Dancers should always have a backup CD available. Please have your backup music with you or your Studio representative in case it’s suddenly needed. Teachers must time their music in advance to make certain that it does not exceed our limits. (Maximum 3 minutes for all Categories except Production Numbers which may be up-to 7 minutes. See below for EXTENDED TIME option.) Studios may not use the same piece of music more than once EXCEPT when entering Costume.
  • Timing

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    Any performance that exceeds the time limit will receive a substantial 25 point deduction. Again, Production Numbers must be under 7 minutes. All other routines must be under 3 minutes. All entrances to, and exits from the dance floor must not exceed 10 seconds. For us to accommodate a performance that desires to compete and exceeds our time limits, we will offer EXTENDED TIME (up to 4 1/2 minutes for all Categories and up to 9 minutes for Production Numbers.) An EXTENDED TIME fee of $50 per routine is offered. This fee needs to be paid in advance through our office or at the show in advance BEFORE the Competition begins in order to be announced and avoid any deduction.
  • Awards

    Open or Close
    We have Performers’ Ribbons for every Dancer! For Ballet/Lyrical/Modern, Jazz/Hip-Hop, Tap/Musical Theatre, and Variety Arts/Acro/ Ethnic entries, we award First Place Trophies and 2nd and 3rd Place Rosettes for each Age, under each Ability Level entered in each section. There are Grand Sweepstakes Trophies (1st, 2nd & 3rd Overall Highest Score) for each Age group. In Student Choreography, Teacher Features, Costume, Forty Plus and Production Numbers Categories, we award 1st, 2nd and 3rd Place Trophies. We offer FOUR special Overall Group Trophies for Beginning, Elementary, Junior and Senior Groups with $100 cash prize for each Ability Level. Judges will base their decisions in all Categories (except Costume) on: Stage Presence, Originality of Material, Technique, Style and Execution. They are looking at the total entertainment value and dance skills exhibited in each routine. Please remember that routines entered in the wrong Category will receive a substantial 25 point deduction (we do NOT disqualify routines) and the Judges' decisions are final.

    At the end of the Competition, we also give a “Teacher's Award” for outstanding participation, and an “Excellence Award” for outstanding performance. A Dancer will be named Junior OR Senior Sweetheart and receive Title and Trophy. We are not producing a “Sweetheart Of The Year Pageant” nor Dance Training Intensive this Season. In addition, one special routine will receive the “Best Of Show” title and $100 cash prize chosen by the Show Director for exemplifying exceptional creativity along with the LOVE of DANCE. One Teacher will be awarded “Best Musicality” title and $100 cash prize for choreography and adaptation of a routine to an inspiring and outstanding musical selection. After final awards are given, Teachers may then pick up the Judges' score and comments sheets.
  • Late Entries, Changes, Omissions and/or Additions

    Open or Close
    It is necessary to charge a $20 fee for each late entry as well as for omissions and changes made at your request. This includes changes made with our office or at the show. There is no refund due to cancellation for any reason and no “substitution” of Dancers. Please read all the Rules and Regulations and also the Entry Form in order to avoid any change fees. As submitted online entries are unable to be modified, please call our office to make changes up to 1 week before the event date. Only Cash will be accepted at the show (no checks or credit cards for late adds or changes.) Please keep in mind that many ILD Competition cities do fill up (sold out) well in advance of the 30 day entry due date.
  • Miscellaneous

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    WE HAVE NO RESTRICTIONS ON A DANCER'S NUMBER OF ENTRIES. Dancers may enter several routines in the same Category (and compete against themselves.) Dancers may also enter multiple Cities with the same routines and/or with new ones. Routines from previous years are eligible for re-entry. We suggest that copies of your entries be made before mailing. (Online registration entries may print their entry summary page.) Use overnight mail when sending entries and fees for entries registered online. About 10 days before the show date, a complete Confirmation Packet is emailed to all Participating Studios (and to Independents.) It includes the order of performances, entry numbers, CD label details, time schedule and additional information to pass on to Parents and Students.
  • Hotel

    Open or Close
    Hotel information is listed on the Season Schedule and our website. Anyone requiring overnight accommodations must be registered guests at our Host Hotel as a condition of participation. Although we provide dressing room facilities, your guest room is the best place for storage of personal items. Since we require that all out-of-town participants stay at our Host Hotel, please make reservations before or on the same day that you register. I LOVE DANCE participants receive our special guest room rate, but rooms at our Special “ILD” rate are limited, and Hotels have cut-off dates. Should any Host Hotel be “sold out”, you’ll need to call the ILD office for the Official Over-flow Hotel. At the Hotel, should any Studio or participant behave with egregious disregard for sportsmanship and our rules, they will be escorted from the Hotel premises with no refunds.

    Check the performance time schedule sent in your Confirmation Packet for opening and starting times.
    Teachers must register within 15 minutes of door opening and turn in all CD’s for the day backstage at that time. We cannot accept music or program changes after the show has begun. When Teachers (NOT a substitute) check in, they are given a name badge and a complimentary program book. Please be confident, that if a Director or Teacher is not available to attend, we will do everything necessary to assure the comfort of their Students and Parents in their absence. A list of Dancers for each day is at the registration table. Dancers must register at least one hour prior to the start of their performances and are admitted free of charge on the day(s) they perform as seating allows. Each day, general admission tickets (which INCLUDES a program book as supplies last) may be purchased at the door ($5.00 each – regardless of age, and we suggest that Children under the age of Three not attend -- PLEASE DO NOT BRING INFANTS -- this is a Dance Competition with long hours.) Throughout the day, concessions are open with souvenirs, dance supplies, trophies and rosettes available.
You'll find "I LOVE DANCE" to be a well-organized, professional Dance Festival. We offer a fun and exciting learning experience, as well as a most enjoyable show.