Photos of the Month - October 2017

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Although we LOVE all of our participants at I LOVE DANCE, we select a few to highlight each and every month.

Additionally, we LOVE meeting Celebrities and people whose achievements and creativity qualifies them for special recognition.

We hope you'll check each month to see who we feature -- all deserving a huge round of applause!

BRAVO and THANK YOU to those whom we are delighted to show our extra appreciation...

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October 2017
Performance Photo Of The Month
Austin White, Rachel Williams, Makenna Kolvig, Stevie Cruz
Dallas, Texas
9-11 Age Division / Overall High Score
Dance Teacher: Angelina Duenez
Frances Lea Dance Center
Frances Lea & Joy Guthmiller, Directors

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October 2017
Sweetheart Photo Of The Month
Portland, Oregon
Audri Bulley
Dance Teachers: Michelle Hager and Andrea Patton
Debbi’s Dance Etc.
Andrea Patton & Michelle Hager, Directors

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October 2017
Teacher Photo Of The Month
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Diane Robinson
(Small photo on home page is Diane Robinson with Guest Judge, Heather Moore)
Hollywood Studio of Dance
Diane Robinson, Director

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October 2017
Celebrity Photo Of The Month

Kim McKimmie with Adrian Shirk

Adrian Shirk is the author of And Your Daughters Shall Prophesy (2017), a hybrid-memoir exploring American women prophets and spiritual celebrities. From her website:

“Shirk was raised in Portland, Oregon, and has since lived in New York and Wyoming. She’s a columnist at Catapult, and her essays have appeared in The Atlantic. Currently, she teaches in Pratt Institute’s BFA Creative Writing Program, and lives on the border of the Bronx and Yonkers with her husband, Sweeney, and Quentin the cat.”

Kim McKimmie attended Ms Shirk’s reading and found her to be engaging, enlightened and super-knowledgeable about a vast and varied subject matter.

Laced throughout her book are stories of American religious traditions shaped by women. It has histories of astrologers, faith healers, preachers, priestesses, mambos, and mediums who’ve had to find their own ways toward divinity outside prescribed patriarchal orders. Each woman represents a pathway for Shirk’s own spiritual inquiries. She introduces us to the New Orleans high priestess Marie Laveau, the pop New Age pioneer Linda Goodman, the prophetic vision of intersectionality as preached by Sojourner Truth, “Saint” Flannery O’Connor, and so many more.

Through her journey, Shirk discovers that, as the culture wars flatten religious discourse and shred institutional trust, more and more Americans are yearning for alternative, individualized, feminist routes through religion. And women, having spent so much time at the margins of religious discourse, illuminate its darkened corners.

And Your Daughters Shall Prophesy is a beacon to those who are searching for a spirituality of resistance, for an unsteady truth. It draws a line from our own era of unrest to the women who came before us, those fascinating innovators, boundary crossers, paradoxes, and radical justice seekers.

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7507 SE Main Street
Portland, OR 97215 USA