Online Registration
Welcome to I LOVE DANCE Online Registration.

Registration for the 2023 is open for your entries.

Online Registration is for Dance Studios or Dance Teams only.

We do accept Individual, Independent entries by mail or telephone only. Please download our entry form or call our office.

As you begin your Online Registration process, please download our Rules and Entry Form for your reference…
Our entries are accepted electronically (space allowing) a minimum of THIRTY DAYS prior to the Competition date.

Entry fees to be mailed OVERNIGHT Mail by the next day following making your Online Registration.

You may call us with any questions during office hours or email Kim after office hours -

If you are ready to DANCE at an upcoming I LOVE DANCE Competition, select which type of user you are (Returning or First Time) and click the CONTINUE button to the left

It's easy as "1-2-3"...
Trouble Shooting
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Q: Why do I get a message that I need to disable blocking of popup windows?
A: We use a popup window to display the rules and regulations PDF that you will need to refer to and print and sign.
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Q: OK, how do I disable popup blocking?
A: Below are a few examples of how to do this in popular browsers, but your version of Safari, Internet Explorer, or Firefox may vary.
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Disable popup blocking: Safari for Mac
1. Choose Preferences from the Safari menu and click Security.
2. Make sure the checkbox to use JavaScript is selected and that the "Block pop-up windows" checkbox is not selected.
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Disable popup blocking: Firefox for Windows
1. Select Tools > Options > Content
2. Un-check the "Block pop-up windows" checkbox.
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Disable popup blocking: Internet Explorer for Windows
1. From the Tools menu, select Pop-up Blocker > Pop-up Blocker Settings.
2. In the box under "Address of website to allow," copy and paste this: (that is the site that hosts our online registration.)
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If necessary, how do I recover my User Name and/or Password?
To protect your privacy, I LOVE DANCE does NOT store or retain your Password. Please make sure you write down this information and keep it in a safe location. If you misplace or lose your Password, I LOVE DANCE cannot retrieve it for you.
For Returning Users
1. Click Account Name and Password, enter studio email and password, click Login
2. Click ILoveDance_registration
For First Time Users
1. Click Guest Account, Click Login
2. Click ILoveDance_registration
3. Enter Studio Email and Password, click Register Me
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